What We Do

Logistics Program, Audit Services, Reporting & Change Management

Logistics Program

When your organization joins the Logistics Program, Supply Chain Solutions becomes your program manager and FedEx becomes your key shipping provider. Your suppliers are directed to use the inbound shipping program, which in turn, transitions control of transportation expense from suppliers (prepay and add) to you (bill third party). Instead of variable and hidden shipping costs of a 3PL, your organization pays a service fee based on a small percentage of your measurable savings. With Supply Chain Solutions’ Logistics Program, transportation expenditures are managed by:

  • Reducing marketplace variables
  • Raising the visibility of transportation costs within your organization
  • Supporting your organization in connecting shipping costs to actual users
  • Receiving competitive inbound and outbound rates
  • Collaborating with Supply Chain Solutions for opportunities for further cost reduction

Audit Services

Many organizations are under pressure to reduce expenses while maintaining exceptional products and/or services. Cost savings associated with improved freight management is not typically on the top of the list.

Supply Chain Solutions’ Logistics Program offers a competitive advantage within the supply chain. Our program allows an organization to continue cutting costs while maintaining service through transportation cost auditing. This audit feature ensures freight expenses are accurate and appropriate, and consolidates the billing process.

Transportation cost auditing works. Our program members consistently experienced a return of approximately 2% of their transportation costs through the audit process. Supply Chain Solutions’ Logistics Program is your partner in achieving exceptional transportation cost savings.


With SCS you will have access to all your shipping reporting and in addition you will see information such as:

  • Services used – Lower transportation costs easily by analyzing what service types are being selected and then educate those users to utilize the less expensive transit options which meet business needs.
  • Surcharge costs – There are hundreds of surcharges being used by transportation providers to increase their profits. By knowing which surcharges are necessary and eliminating the others, your transportation costs decrease.
  • Shipper information – Detailed reports from our transportation auditor assists the client to determine which vendors are not compliant to your inbound program. This allows SCS to work with the client to prioritize vendor compliance efforts.
  • Carrier performance – Utilize historical data to emphasize that purchasing premium services to ensure delivery is not necessary when the transportation carrier consistently demonstrates superior performance.

Our processes make it easy to work with all the different data. This data may be scheduled to update you automatically or accessed when you need it. With Supply Chain Solutions’ Logistics Program you will have the tools for seeing and managing your transportation costs.

Change Management

To change is to alter, transform, or take a different direction than the current process or path. This was the premise behind the creation of the Supply Chain Solutions’ Logistics Program at Mayo Clinic. We recognized we must take control of shipping and transportation costs in a rapidly changing healthcare industry.

“You can’t manage what you can’t see or measure”. This phrase reflects one of the greatest challenges for supply chain managers when faced with cost containment initiatives. The overwhelming volume of supplies and equipment flowing through various supply chain channels makes management of shipping and transportation very difficult.

The Supply Chain Solutions’ Logistics Program is a change management strategy and solution – not simply another 3PL transportation management program. We use our experience and knowledge to help our clients implement change management within their organization to achieve control and savings over their shipping and transportation spend.