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Supply Chain Solutions developed by Mayo Clinic a unique healthcare Freight Management Program.


In 2007, Mayo Clinic began looking for system-wide, cost control solutions. The only restriction was that any cost savings solutions would not adversely affect patient outcomes. One solution was to develop a system of control within supply chain management. After scrutinizing various procedures, logistics was targeted as fertile ground for saving money.

Supply Chain Solutions developed by Mayo Clinic was born. It was created as an operating unit underneath the umbrella brand of Mayo Clinic with the intent to help other healthcare organizations duplicate the same partnerships, tools and strategies so they too can reduce and control their freight spend.


The SCS Difference

The SCS Logistics Program is not a “contract for goods”, but rather a comprehensive service which leverages Mayo Clinic’s market position, knowledge and best practices to collaborate with other hospitals and healthcare systems in effort to lower freight spend and improve freight management.


Exclusive Alliances

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