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FAQ: Change Management

FAQ: Change Management

Am I able to monitor what services are being used by my organization?

Yes, there are reports available which will help you to manage a more “just in time” shipping philosophy.

I currently have a UPS account; could I still join the program?

Our program is a collaboration between FedEx, SCS, and the member. In order to drive the most value to your organization, you would want to convert as much volume to FedEx as possible to achieve lower costs. This consolidates your transportation expense and allows for easy reporting.

I have a department who wants to ask questions about your program; will you meet with them to discuss the benefits?

We understand this program involves a change in your organization and we are happy to help explain the benefits of this program.

Our organization allocates expenses; will your program allow us to continue?

Yes, we do have the ability to set-up cost allocation through our back-end auditor. Cost allocation is the ability to directly charge the end users incurring the services as opposed to an overhead account. This involves the member sending a PO file feed to the back-end auditor, which then creates GL coding for cost allocation.

I require purchase order (PO) numbers to be put on the air waybill; will your auditor record the PO number electronically for invoicing purposes?

As long as the supplier enters the PO number in the remarks section of the air waybill, the PO number will be captured electronically and may be used for data analysis.