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Audit Services

Audit Services

Many organizations are under pressure to reduce expenses while maintaining exceptional products and/or services. Cost savings associated with improved freight management is not typically on the top of the list.

Supply Chain Solutions’ Logistics Program offers a competitive advantage within the supply chain. Our program allows an organization to continue cutting costs while maintaining service through transportation cost auditing. This audit feature ensures freight expenses are accurate and appropriate, and consolidates the billing process.

Our partner, Intelligent Audit, targets over 150 separate key points throughout the audit process to ensure your invoices are accurate and warranted. They look for shipments not delivered on time and improper rate application to name a few. Not only do they inspect each shipment invoice, they also work on your behalf to request, as well as receive, rate and service failure refunds.

Supply Chain Solutions and Intelligent Audit makes auditing your transportation costs easy. Through today’s technology, your transportation invoices are transmitted automatically from our preferred provider, FedEx, to Intelligent Audit via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Intelligent Audit confirms the accuracy of each shipment and communicates directly with FedEx on any discrepancies. They also handle the reconciliation and payment of your FedEx invoices.

Transportation cost auditing works. Our program members consistently experienced a return of approximately 2% of their transportation costs through Intelligent Audit’s audit process. These audit savings, as well as the cost of the audit service, are at no charge to you. Supply Chain Solutions’ Logistics Program is your partner in achieving exceptional transportation cost savings.