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Logistics Program

1. Supplier Ships on Customers Inbound Freight; 2. Shipping Expenses Audited; 3. Shipping Expenses Consolidated & Billed; 4. Shipping Expenses Paid; 5. Shipping Expenses Calcuated

When your organization joins the Logistics Program, Supply Chain Solutions becomes your program manager and FedEx becomes your key shipping provider. Your suppliers are directed to use the inbound shipping program, which in turn, transitions control of transportation expense from suppliers (prepay and add) to you (bill third party). Instead of variable and hidden shipping costs of a typical 3PL, your organization pays a service fee based on a small percentage of your measurable savings. With Supply Chain Solutions’ Logistics Program, transportation expenditures are managed by:


  • Reducing marketplace variables
  • Raising the visibility of transportation costs within your organization
  • Supporting your organization in connecting shipping costs to actual users or departments
  • Receiving competitive inbound and outbound rates
  • Collaborating with Supply Chain Solutions for opportunities to change buying behavior to further reduce costs
  • Controlling this facet of supply chain